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The Sports Summer Internship Team

"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together."

– African proverb

I’m happy to announce that Nikhil, Andrea, Kousha, and Megan are the new Sports-Tech Biz and Halftime Snacks team members!

Together, we will work hard to deliver the best sports content right to your fingertips.

I suggest you connect with all of them – they are emerging talent with great futures in the sports industry.

I won’t spoil the party, but all I can say is great things are coming! 👀

Sports-Tech Biz Consulting

After four months of preparation and three successfully served clients, I’m officially launching Sports-Tech Biz Consulting to the public.

The purpose

We help you find areas of opportunity, measure job satisfaction, develop an internal analysis of your company, and advise for its improvement.

The method

Through short interviews with your team members, I filter the signal from their feedback and deliver actionable recommendations divided into four frames; structural, human resources, political, and symbolic.

The review

Ronen did an excellent job.  Our employees enjoyed speaking with him and everyone involved felt that his process and approach was outstandingly professional and efficent.  Ultimately, Ronen uncovered key areas for improvement in our company's organization and communication channels that will lead to change for the better across our organization. 

- Matt Campagna, Reflexion

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The Halftime Snacks Podcast Anniversary 🍾

About a year ago, I didn’t know how to start, what it could be, or if it even made sense to get into podcasting – but I decided to jump into it regardless.

I scratched a quick logo, locked myself in a room for hours, and forced myself to record my first episode.

The result?

It was awful!

But I did it again, and again, and again.

Truth is – you can’t publish your 50th episode without publishing your 1st.

You gotta start somewhere.

This week is the first anniversary of The Halftime Snacks Podcast, and I’m incredibly grateful for all the guests and listeners who trusted me and helped me deliver an episode for 52 straight weeks!

Through the Halftime Snacks, I’ve found my voice, learned from world-class talent & leadership, created unique relationships, and, more importantly – had lots of fun!

If you've been part of the journey, I really can’t thank you enough.

To celebrate the anniversary, an exceptional guest joined me for the 52nd episode…

🎙 Halftime Snack of the Week

Catching Waves in Sports, Business, and Life

The 52nd Halftime Snack features Christoph Sonnen!

With the Adi Dassler family, Cristoph co-founded leAD Sports — a group that invests in sports technologies – where he currently is the CEO.

Besides being a brilliant guy, Christoph is the type of person you enjoy being around.

We talked about:

  • How to 'catch waves' in sports, business, and life

  • Traits that great founders have

  • The strategy and growth plans for leAD

  • The value of people, places, culture, timing, and luck

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🥤 Cristiano Ronaldo just made Coca-Cola stock interesting; Cristiano Ronaldo sat down at a press conference Tuesday at the Euro 2020 and angrily moved two Coca-Cola bottles to the side.

🌯 Did a Burrito Cost an American Runner Her Olympic Dream?; Years of training and preparation to reach the Tokyo Olympics are out the window for Shelby Houlihan, an American runner, because of a positive drug test. She blames it on a burrito!

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